Big Mouthz BBQ

We have had less time then expected on our cross country crawl for the finer things in life. Instead of leisurely meals, we found ourselves eating cold cuts at 75 mph while dodging semi's that seem to have an urgent wish to cuddle up beside us.  It was on the third day of this quasi existence that we decided it was time for a proper meal. One where we could sit down at the same time and not worry about our cruising speed.  We settled on BBQ and decided that it was worth detouring off I-80.  

This is how we found some AMAZING BBQ.  Big Mouthz BBQ is tucked inside an unassuming Irish bar called Kilkenny in downtown Davenport, in the lovely (humid) state of Iowa.  I am not sure what drove us to find BBQ in a state not particularly well known for the cuisine, but I consider us lucky for being none the wiser.  

Starving and ambitious, we ordered more then our fair share of food.  

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Loose Ends

It is pretty incredible when you have finally made it to the finish line. The point where all the dreaming, planning, talking, procrastinating, and worrying has finally turned into the trip of a life time.  Our jobs are quit, our last minute packages have arrived, our bags new, tidy, and full of neurotically organized travel cubes.  The road lies before us and all we can think about are what kind of snacks to fill our cooler with as we worry about the cost of gas on the open road. We are tying up our loose ends and spending our last few days with the ones we love. Even if they tell us we are crazy for leaving them in the first place.   Follow us as we examine the life of the (semi) professional nomad.  

Anna & Andrew