Middle Earth

Hello Again!

We have been very busy bee's. Lets see, I believe I left off in Arrowtown, just outside Queenstown, in the South Island of New Zealand.  So much has happened!  We left our comfy digs at the German's place and went to our next appointment in Cromwell, which is also in the Otago region of the southern island.

Aurum Winery, Cromwell, Otago, South Island, New Zealand

We spent five days at a winery called Aurum. Our hosts were amazing and stunningly good cooks. We also had the company of a French couple named Analyze (Anne-ah-lees) and Pierre, as well as a kooky Belgium named Laurent.  I learned the nitty gritty of weeding saffron, I will never balk at the price now.  I watched asparagus grow right in front of me. I spur trained a vineyard that was transitioning from cordon to spur pruning. I pruned an olive grove so the trees had the appropriate "goblet" shape. Sooo much fun! I even developed blisters and calluses from my secateurs (it's French for clippers, but that's what everyone down under calls them) like a real agriculturalist.  

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