Andrew Merritt

Since he was young, Andrew Merritt has been very aware of his food and drink. Stories range from squirreling away food from meals as a toddler to buying multiple brands of sparkling water to comparison taste as a teenager.  Falling into the world of wine and beverage was natural. Despite growing up in the Northern Virginia wine region, he wasn't exposed to wine until landing at the Napa Rose Restaurant after moving to Anaheim at 20. Taken under the wing of then GM Michael Jordan MS, Andrew was able to get an incredible crash course in fine dining and wine, getting certified with the Court of Master Sommeliers at 21.

Andrew has gone on to work at many restaurants in both Southern California and San Francisco, including Michelin starred restaurants Michael Mina and Saison. He has also held positions at more casual concepts focusing on beer and cocktail programs. Positions in different restaurants are opportunities to study not only wine and food, but the behind the scenes business operations as well as perception of brands and concepts by a broad spectrum of guest.  He also writes for Locale Magazine in San Francisco.

His intention is to delve not just into the first layer of marketing and product quality, but to discover the stories behind the people, places, and methodology that creates the identity of a product or restaurant. He can often be found disc golfing, taking pictures, and doing handstands in as many countries as possible.

Anna Schwartz

Anna has been working with wine for over ten years. Her love of all things fermented was encouraged while she worked for the Bachhus Restaurant Group based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She curated the Italian focused wine list for their Pizza Antica concept.  Her palate was further developed with trips to Italy, France, and the local California appellations. 

After becoming a Certified Sommelier through the Court of Masters, she worked the floor at the booming Park Tavern in San Francisco’s Little Italy.  Her passions are wine, beer, spirits, blind tasting like a champ, and spicy street food.  Co-founder of Cork and Capsule, she's also a potter, cook, and fledgling Spanish speaker.